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 Spring Blend

  • This coffee reminds us of a warm ray of light on a chilly spring morning
  • Soft waves of floral aroma drift into a balanced blend of flavors highlighted by a mild apricot-like sweetness - it's a bright and inviting cup of coffee.   
  • This is a certified organic bean from Bolivia! We don't get access to many high-quality Bolivian beans, but they're known for being delicate, bright and aromatically sweet...the classic "clean cup" 
  • Did you know...Bolivia has all the ingredients to produce great coffee, especially in terms of soil, altitude (plenty of that!) and seed stock. However, Bolivia is landlocked between Peru and Brazil which can make export a challenge because it requires co-operation with competing countries. High-quality Bolivian coffee doesn't come on market all that often, so when it does, it's nice to support their efforts
  • We have 40 lbs, then it's gone (12 oz only)
  • Remember...flavors become more pronounced as coffee cools - don't drink your coffee too hot!
  • Also makes a delicious cold brew

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kevin S.
Feels Like Spring Even When the Weather Doesn't

This is a nice, bright, and tasteful blend that ushers Spring into your coffee cup even when it's still dreary and damp outside.

Dee D.G.
Versatile Blend

Nice bright notes-perfect in my espresso maker or ground for iced coffee. All their blends I’ve tried have been delightful in their own ways with their distinct flavor notes. The freshness of their beans makes a big difference in taste, and I am grateful to start my day with Skippack Roasters coffee.

Lisa S.

This coffee is delicious! As is all of the others we’ve had from Skippack Coffee Roasters! Will definitely buy again!