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GUATEMALA (Medium/Dark Roast)

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  • Here's one you won't see very often...a dark roasted Guatemalan
  • Many Guatemalan coffees are light roasts, but when we brought this bean up to a higher roasting temp, the richness of flavors really came out!  Tasting notes included roasted vanilla and dark cherry, with no bitterness
  • Did you know...Guatemala is nestled between Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras. What makes Guatemala an ideal location to grow coffee is a combination of mountains (high altitude), rich volcanic soil and a well-defined rainy season. However, being land-locked by competitive coffee producing countries can make exporting difficult.
  • One more note....we must give credit to Guatemalan coffee farmers for leading the way in shade-grown coffee. About 98% of their coffee is shade-grown which has many environmental benefits including the planting of new trees and increased biodiversity.  A typical Guatemalan coffee farm is home to more than 20 species of butterflies, 10 different species of frogs, 6 species of bats and 24 species of mammals....pretty cool.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin S.
Velvety Smooth and Roasty

This coffee is probably my favorite of all SCR's wonderful options. It is so smooth and tasteful with the perfect balance of flavor without being too harsh.

Sandy R.


Kevin S.
Smooth and Delicious

This one is my wife's favorite and I love it too. It is so smooth, tasteful, and comforting like a nice, warm hug.

Lisa S.
Simply the Best!

One of the best coffees I’ve ever had! So happy we found Skippack Coffee Roasters

Frances P.A.
GUATEMALA (Dark Roast)

Dark roast coffee is considered bitter compared to medium and light roast. However there is delicious bitter and then there is over roasted/burnt or stale bitter. This is always a challenge especially when you do not use sugar/sweetener. So happy we found Skippack Coffee Roasters because their dark roast never disappoints. It always deep, full bodied and smooth. It has the perfect subtle hints of vanilla, dark cherry and cocoa. If you have always avoided dark roast you should give this a try. Dark roast is also less acidic.