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VILLAGE BLEND (Medium Roast)

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  • Smooth, balanced and creamy
  • One of our most versatile and popular coffees that all types of coffee drinkers will appreciate
  • Roasted to avoid any bitterness, and giving a subtle and integrated blend of berries, nuts and milk chocolate
  • Also excellent for cold brew
  • Village Blend is a post-roast melange blend....what does that mean?  If you buy Village Blend whole bean, you may notice the beans have slightly different shades of brown.  That's because the beans (Colombian, Ethiopian and Brazil) are each roasted separately to maximize the flavors for that particular bean and THEN blended together.  For example, the Ethiopian is roasted light to bring out some bright citrus notes, while we roast the Colombian medium and Brazil a little darker to bring out rich and creamy tones.  It's a longer process, but well worth it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Chrisse L.
Will never buy mass produced coffee again

Ever since I’ve started using Skipback coffee, it is the only coffee I drink. My favorites are the Village blend and Roadside. But, I have tried them all and they are all tasty!

Dee D.G.
Great Staple

I really enjoyed the flavor profile of this roast. Supporting quality local businesses is important to me, so I’m glad I found Skippack Roasters. Their free local delivery and super fresh and unique beans are a bonus! They were roasted the day before delivery and I could taste the blueberry notes. I’m trying the Meetinghouse blend next…then will decide which one(s) will go on auto-order.

Andrea C.
Great flavor

The flavor was so good that I didn’t have to use as much creamer as I usually do. The smell is amazing.

Lynne C.

This coffee was absolutely delicious! I bought the whole beans and they were just roasted 2 days before I received them! So fresh and the smell is so great! This is the only one we have tried so far looking forward to trying them all!

Jorge T.
Freshest coffee EVER

Being from Colombia, I was not expecting to be impressed. I could not be more wrong. This is the second best coffee I have ever had (second to Kona). The blend was just right, not too strong and not too mild. Most importantly, it was fresh. If I did not know any better, I would think it was roasted by Juan Valdez himself. Second order on the way.