April 05, 2021

The Basics: How to drink a better cup of coffee...

The Basics:  How to drink a better cup of coffee...

This one is simple...Don't drink coffee that's too hot!  Duh, right?

Q:  Why is this a big deal?

A:  Well aside from burning your tongue, which really sucks, it is well known that the flavor of coffee changes as it cools.

Coffee experts agree that the ideal temperature for drinking coffee is about 155-175 F. This is especially important when you're drinking fresh roasted specialty coffees that have undertones of fruits or chocolates. Those flavors definitely come out more as the coffee cools a little.

Q: So how do you know when your coffee is at the ideal temp?

A:  That depends on several factors, such as the method of brewing (how hot the water was going in vs coming out) and type of mug you drinking from. The key here is to experiment...maybe wait 5 min after brewing and then drink your coffee over an extended period of time - this way you will sample it at different temperatures. No doubt you will taste a difference.